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What is ADAM?


  • project database with the objective to coordinate counter narcotics technical assistance in countries along the main opiate trafficking routes out of Afghanistan; plus:
  • ‘living hub of information’ with a variety of additional functionalities on a wide array of issues related to the Paris Pact and, in particular, Vienna Declaration implementation.

The Automated Donor Assistance Mechanism (ADAM) is a tool designed by UNODC in 2004 – at the inception of the Paris Pact Initiative – with the initial objective to coordinate counter-narcotics technical assistance in countries along the main opiate trafficking routes from Afghanistan. As a project database, ADAM securely and instantly allows all Paris Pact partners to access essential project information on who is doing what, where and when in the field of counter-narcotics at the click of a button.

In 2011, ADAM was adjusted to meet additional demands. Multiple new functionalities were developed and content added with the aim to make a wide array of information on issues related to the Paris Pact available to registered users while simultaneously fostering transparency among partners through the publication of detailed information on:

  • Expert and policy level meetings, including summary reports, background documents and associated presentations;
  • Expert recommendation and other strategic priorities derived from expert fora;
  • ‘Special messages’ from the Paris Pact Coordinator, which all registered users receive automatically;
  • Products by the Paris Pact Research and Liaison Officers such as Country Factsheets.

As an information hub, ADAM aims to channel information amongst the geographically dispersed partnership and to support the interaction among partners between Paris Pact meetings including facilitating preparation and follow-up.
With the start of Phase IV of the Paris Pact programme in 2013, and the adoption of the Vienna Declaration as a roadmap for the partnership, ADAM was further refined to enhance its capacity as an information sharing platform on Vienna Declaration implementation as well as a centralized location for relevant information from partners and priority countries.

Information on ADAM was restructured in line with the four thematic pillars of the Vienna Declaration and with the goal to consolidate all available materials related to each of these pillars and to link partners’ involvement in projects, activities, and calendar entries. The goal is to create an easy overview on individual partners’ interventions in the context of the four pillars of the Vienna Declaration

As a result, the following features have been implemented:

  • A new Vienna Declaration pillar interface on the homepage;
  • Expert meetings and recommendations linked to pillars;
  • Projects linked to pillars and priorities (pillar sub-categories);
  • Activities (events) linked to pillars and priorities;
  • A pillar-related calendar of planned events; and
  • Partner focal point information by pillar.

In the first half of 2017 and in preparation of an in-depth evaluation of the Paris Pact Initiative, a user needs assessment will be conducted on ADAM with the goal to pave the way towards the most effective approach to information management for the partnership.